About us

About Us

New Construction Aluminum is one of the leading aluminum extrusion profile in bright dipping finished industry, among the most promising ones in South China. The company was founded in 1998, with the production facility in Zhao Qing, Guangdong China, New Construction Aluminum guarantees continuous, prompt, effective and uninterrupted delivery to all its customers.

Through continuous innovation and investments in infrastructure, cutting-edge equipment and our people, the company is committed to serving its customers with value added products and services, thus establishing and maintaining longstanding relationships that are solely based on trust, through integrity, professionalism and reliable consistency.

With competent structures and highly skilled people in place, the company meets the strategic goals to understand and cover the needs of each market, thus efficiently assisting our customers to achieve their business goals.

We Are New Construction Aluminum



Founded in 1998, as a professional aluminium extrusion factory, with years of continuous efforts and development, we are actively in production and sales in aluminum extrusion profiles. New extrusion facilities with modern production lines was established in 2015, we have complete coating production lines for different surface finishing. Now we can produce and provide bright dipping profiles, anodized aluminum profiles, powder-coated aluminum profiles, wood finish extrusion aluminium, and painting extrusion. Extruded profiles can be used in various architectural and engineering industries, like window and door, building and construction, transportation, infrastructure, automotive, energy, etc.

Aluminium bars, aluminum tubing and aluminium profiles with special alloy for the engineering industry also can be extruded (2A12, 2024, 5052, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6463, 6082,  etc). These aluminium extrusion products are mainly used in the field of communication, electrons, high-voltage electrical apparatus, motorcycles, ships, military, aerospace, etc.


We Are New Construction Aluminum



To continually improve our processes, quality and equipment to ensure that we are the aluminum extrusion supplier of choice, because we provide superior value to our customers.

Ranked by equipment quality, New Construction Aluminum is among the most technologically advanced companies anywhere in South China, especially in Bright Dipping Processing. Continual testing of raw and finished materials and checks at all stages of production ensures remarkable results. New Construction Aluminum guarantees our products will meet your requirements, be produced on-time and to the highest quality standards.

We Are New Construction Aluminum



New Construction Aluminum was built from the ground up with quality and innovation in mind, from the design of our facility, the selection of our equipment and the hiring of our workforce all the way to the final packaging and distribution of our products, nothing is done without consideration for quality, added value and exceptional lead times.

We believe in the extensive use of technology and in ongoing development, continuing to invest in the most efficient machinery for the extruding, handling, anodizing and storing of aluminum profiles. Innovative software systems and advanced automation control our entire factory from die storage, to extrusion, anodizing and packaging. Finished products are stored in our warehouse where a highly sophisticated management system control the whole storage process and minimize manual handling that could potentially damage the finished product.