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Quality Bright Dipping with Colors

New Construction Aluminum (Ncalu) is a dedicated bright dipping with colors supplier and provides quick delivery with affordable pricing with personalized customer service. We have the capability, both technology and human resource-wise, to offer top-notch bright dipping service. We serve different industries that make us unique from our competitors.

What Sets us Apart as a Supplier of Bright Dipping Aluminum Extrusion in China


As a supplier of bright dipping with colors, we make sure to use economies of scale and keep the cost of our products as minimum as possible. Therefore, our final product’s price becomes competitive concerning the market. Our pricing keeps us afloat in the sea of cutthroat competition.


We know technology means a lot. Therefore, we keep an eye on what is going on in the tech world and we mold ourselves accordingly. We make sure to acquire the latest equipment to produce high-class bright dips with colors that end consumers would love to buy.


We always believe that skills take organizations to places. Thus, we always heavily invest in skills and have training sessions so that employees remain up to date with the latest happenings in the world of bright dip anodizing.

Why Choose Us as High quality bright dipping aluminum extrusion Supplier


We believe in offering maximum value to our clients. As an aluminum products manufacturer, we brief our clients regarding the specs and aspects of our products. We tell them how to use our bright dipping with colors.


We believe that manufacturing products around customers’ requirements always pay dividends. Hence, our goal centers on providing maximum customer satisfaction through our efforts. Being client-centric is our hallmark as a colored bright dipping supplier.

We have what you need from us as a bright dipping supplier. We remain open 24/7 through our website. So, contact us and get your problems solved.

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