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Leading Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers in China

New Construction Aluminum (Ncalu) has been among the highly-rated aluminum extrusion manufacturers and aluminum profile manufacturer in China since 1998. With knowledge of market demand alongside customer expectation, we are among the front-runner manufacturers in China aluminum extrusion industry.

Why Choose Us as an Aluminum Extrusion China Suppliers

Precision extrusion

Extruded aluminum extrusion China offers the benefits such as lightweight, low cost, high durability, and strength. All these highlights make Ncalu superior among other aluminum extrusion manufacturers in China.


Our anodizing process can improve the abrasion resistance of aluminum alloys significantly. It also increases the wear resistance and surface hardness of aluminum alloys, and also gives good decorative features.

What Sets us Apart from other Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers
Professional Culture

We have a performance-enhancing professional atmosphere, particularly in our processing department; unlike other aluminum extrusion manufacturers. On the back of professionalism, our first-time client becomes our regular buyer more often than not.

We put our right foot forward to seal the deal at the initial stage simply by resolving all their concerns.

Professional Product Expertise

We have aluminum extrusion experience and knowledge in developing flexible solutions for our clients. Our staff of skilled technicians is always on the search for new ways to enhance Aluminum Extrusion China packaging.

Unparalleled Quality

Only a few aluminum extrusion manufacturers provide high-quality products like Ncalu. In comparison, our aluminum extrusion can serve a longer duration. We make sure we sustain our brand name only based on our quality.

Quality Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers in China

With a high-level and professional R&D team, we can offer a range of aluminum extrusion products with intelligent control systems, such as sliding window series, casement window series, building shading series, sunroom series, ventilation series, curtain wall series, industrial aluminum series, etc. To remain among the top aluminum extrusion manufacturers in China we always find unique ways to support our clients.

We have an integrated IT system in our manufacturing facility which is a rarity in the aluminum extrusion China industry. All in all, we have the technology with the brain that is keeping us going.

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